Eres Holz




June 2020

Konzertdokument der Woche

Hanno Ehrler

hautwärts (2018)

Ensemble LUX:NM

Ruth Velten - saxophone
Florian Juncker - trombone
Silke Lange - accordion
Vitaly Kyianytsia - piano
Zoé Cartier - cello

Martin Offik - sound direction

Villa Elisabeth, 30. November 2019, Berlin

Hanno Ehrler

Kataklothes (2015)

Ensemble Aventure

Mario Notaristefano - flute
Andrea Nagy - clarinet, bassclarinet
Patrick Stadler - saxophone
Kirsten Ecke - harp
Akiko Okabe - piano
Julian Belli - percussion
Friedmann Treiber - violin
Sylvie Alternburger - viola
Beverley Ellis - cello
Johannes Nied - double bass

Nicholas Reed - conductor

Forum Neuer Musik 2019 - Deutschlandfunk, April 2019, Cologne

Eres Holz: hautwärts

In the piece hautwärts - a commissioned work by the Berlin formation LUX:NM - composer Eres Holz addresses the audience directly. His goal is to reach the emotional core of his listeners. Holz uses non-tonal sounds and microtones, but his music is not abstract, it has an existential effect and reaches deeply into areas of the soul.

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Hanno Ehrler

Konzertdokument der Woche 2020



Eres Holz: hautwärts

hautwärts (2018) marks the the novelty of the concert. For saxophone, cello, trombone, accordion and piano by Eres Holz. The 28-minute work is organized in four parts. Four solo passages are each assigned four summit-like tutti passages. Long solos of accordion, piano and cello open upwards, at the end there is a long, unstable sound phase with quiet piano chords. Between the “solo appearances” of the various instruments there are energetic tutti blocks, pulsating areas that, half state, half process, take hold of the imagination with tenacious force. What fascinates by the Israeli composer Eres Holz is the ability to arrange seemingly unlimited flowing, polyphonic organized material so that the music achieves a state of order and control that gives the composition its lucid sovereignty. The Music of Eres Holz has beauty and complexity side by side.
One would like to meet the work again.

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Anton Schlatz

LUX:NM at the Villa Elisabeth


Berlin 12/2019



Kataklothes (2015)
for large ensemble

Quintett (2009)
for flute, clarinet, viola, piano and harp

Zafraan Ensemble, Titus Engel

Original Release Date: 2016
Number of Discs: 1
Label: bastille musique 4
Run Time: 69.34 minutes

Longlist 01/2017 of Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik


Five stars deluxe

The CD is recommended by the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik:

The concert of the Zafraan Ensemble with pieces by Johannes B. Borowski, Eres Holz and Stefan Keller was one of the most remarkable, most alive concerts at Ultraschall: Festival for Contemporary Music 2016 in Berlin. With all the differences in musical rhetoric, the individual pieces have the will to complex structures and energetic sound processes in common, which, in the brilliantly playing Zafraan ensemble, transform into a tangible sense of soundness.

Dirk Wieschollek



Integration is outdated in a diverse society

The Forum for Contemporary Music at Deutschlandfunk in Cologne is looking for "post-migrant visions"

“[...] uncomfortable to encounter after this "somersault into the past" (,Ihr sollt die Wahrheit erben' by H. Keller) the ensemble piece Kataklothes by Eres Holz, an Israeli composer who has "returned" to Germany and whose ancestors include Polish Holocaust victims. "Connecting threads" according to the fate goddesses of Greek mythology are for Holz an essential source of inspiration for an overwhelmingly colorful, developing into organic flow introductory and releasing music.“

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Isabel Herzfeld

Frankfurter Allgemeine


17.04.19, Nr. 91, S. 13

Die kopernikanische Wende von Raderthal

Kataklothes for Ensemble of the Israeli composer Eres Holz focussed and captivated the ear through the breathless and density of his language. One understood: If there is something like "new music" of today, then that first and foremost has to be to establish a search as urgency, in order to conquer even a space in which one can speaks and breathes , claim and so on.

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Georg Beck

nmz - neue musikzeitung



Eres Holz: Kataklothes (2015) for large ensemble

Significantly more extrovert: Kataklothes (2015), which is characterized by tumultuous chaos with shrill expressiveness and flashy colors. A very intense piece with a lot of percussion, dissonant condensation and folk music valeurs, as if the goddesses of fate in ancient mythology were pulling the strings here directly

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Dirk Wieschollek

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

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