Eres Holz



Eres Holz

„The music of Eres Holz, a former student of Hanspeter Kyburz, is one of the most exciting discoveries that could be made in Ultraschall – Festival for Contemporary Music.
Holz is looking for a harmonic binding beyond the major-minor tonality. The ensemble work of Kataklothes by Eres Holz exposes a chain of chords, a progress of which at the same time is peculiarly logical and open: the title of the piece refers to the Moirai in the ancient Greek mythology which spin the thread of life. The result is an immensely colorful and plastic music, which makes harmony experienceable as a constantly changing phenomenon, as something that is not static but mobile in itself.“

Julia Spinola

Ultraschall Berlin, Neue Musik in ihrer ganzen Verschiedenheit


„From a standpoint of technical advancement Holz tries in compositions such as Quintett (2009) or in his recent work for ensemble Kataklothes (2015) to gain a tonal gravitation without tonality.

Eres Holz contributed also for Sarah Nemtsov's MEKOMOT-project: new music and liturgical singing in old and new synagogues, in forgotten and present places of Jewish life in Germany and Poland.
With Allen Ginsberg's great Kaddish poem, he chose a text that stands in a tensed relationship to religious tradition. The dubious, scrupulous search in the "labyrinth of identity," which Eres Holz refers to the text, may also drive his own work.“

Ingo Dorfmüller

Atelier Neuer Musik 2016


Eres Holz was Composer in Residence of the German national broadcasting radio station - Deutschlandfunk 2017.

MACH (2017) for pipe organ